“Last Christmas” Manic Street Preachers (Wham!)

Sweet acoustic version by James Dean Bradfield in a pub. Interesting tidbit about the band: one of their members vanished some years ago and is presumed dead.
Err…Merry Christmas!

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“Crazy In Love” Switchfoot (Beyonce)

This almost doesn’t work. But then somehow it does. Credit to Switchfoot for figuring out a way to do this.

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“A Forest” Toadies (The Cure)

After Kids Incorporated on Friday and the kid with a ukelele on Monday, it had to come to this….

The Cure’s “A Forest” covered by Texas rockers Toadies. The original and the cover both arrive at such an ominous sound, albeit via different instrumentation. I dig it. As I look out my office window, I can see the edge of gray trees. If I ever do get lost out there, I will invariably hear this song and try to think of rainbows and puppies instead.

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“I’m Yours” Some Kid on a Ukelele (Jason Mraz)


OK, I promise the next post will be un-cute and depressing. But I love this guy! And remember, we all learn to play at some point, usually by learning a popular song.

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“Karma Chameleon” Kids Incorporated (Culture Club)

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, huh?

Ah….Kids Incorporated. You’ll know American television execs are out of ideas when they resurrect this show.

What’s sad is I would have traded all my action figures to be on this show. You would have too.

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“When the Stars Go Blue” The Corrs & Bono (Ryan Adams)

Yeah, I did the Corrs. Three beautiful Irish sisters who can sing pop songs while playing traditional instruments. Sorry, can’t forget the brother is OK too. Ryan Adams puts out so much material. One hopes that covers by the likes of Tim McGraw and these children of Ireland help turn people on to the rest of his catalog. Just stay away from “Jacksonville City Lights” unless you want to be really depressed.

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“Breaking the Law” Hayseed Dixie (Judas Priest)

Bluegrass meets metal? Well, yeah!

“We are the Champions” Green Day (Queen)

Hopefully I’ll be posting this again on January 8th, 2010. RTR.

Green Day is one of those bands that I was intrigued by immediately. But I thought they’d be a 15-minute of fame band. More than a one hit wonder, but not a band that we would get to watch grow artistically. Was I ever wrong.

How many punk bands can pull off a cover of Queen? I know, I know….somehow since they are commercially successful, the aren’t punk anymore. To that I say “BOLLOCKS!”

Billie Joe has always struggled with a pitchy voice. But I think Freddie Mercury would approve of this tribute.

“I Want You Back” Jer Coons (Jackson 5)

I think we’ll be hearing more from Jer Coons very soon. It seems he’s an artist who could break out in the next year. Here’s a cool little song that you can play around the campfire to impress a girl, which I’m guessing is why 95% of guys learn to play guitar. It worked for me.

“Amos Moses” Dale Watson (Jerry Reed)

Primus probably has the best known cover of this swamp rock classic. But Dale Watson, who is trying his best to keep real country alive and well, does a good job. In fact, this wasn’t part of his set. A fan screamed it out and he obliged.

I posted this because it is about killin’ gators. Roll Tide tomorrow y’all!